What is this madness!?

Mythic Madness is a cross platform collectible card game that will be released in 2019 simultaneously for PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS devices.

As a player you represent a mythology, i.e. a faction. You play with a deck of cards that you assemble from your collected cards. The game consists of several different game modes (single player, multiplayer) with up to four players playing in the same game.

Mythic Madness differs from traditional collectible cards games by not being turn based. More freedom and responsibility is instead given to the players, as you are allowed to play cards at any time. You can choose to play aggressively or defensively, whichever suits your style best.

Use powerful card combos and unique abilities to make your opponents panic as they see their timer ticking down faster than expected! Trick your opponents with hidden abilities that are revealed only when it is too late!

We strongly dislike random effects, and try to design all abilities to be skill based.

The Factions


Mastering death and the afterlife, the gods and kings of ancient Egypt use powerful spells, curses, and mighty constructions to vanquish their foes.


The Japanese gods of Kodo, known as the ancient way. They use the elements, mystical signs, stealth, and advanced military tactics to unlock the secrets of the universe and achieve victory.


From the national epic of Finland, the gods and heroes of Kalevala use magical songs, artifacts, and ancient wisdom to control the powers of nature and creation itself.


With a combination of runic magic, cunning, and might the vikings of the north conquer wast areas and call on creatures of the waves, forests, and heavens to aid them.


Cards not limited to any faction. Heroes, wizards, assassins, mercenaries, magical items, spells, weather events, and many more cards are waiting to be found.

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